Day 1 – Start a Gut Health Journal

My day 1 Gut Health Journal

I was actually excited about day 1 because that’s supposedly when my journey starts (in the virtual world)! But then I got too frustrated trying to figure out how to set up my website perfectly the way I want it and got moody and kinda took the blame on the boyfriend when he was trying to help me. That was not good! I realize that I can’t be looking for perfection at this time. After all, nobody’s reading this except me now! Ha!

I think I felt better than yesterday, at least at daytime, but it got worse after dinner. I realize what I had for dinner tonight has the same ingredients as what I had for lunch yesterday which made me feel bad and pass lots of smelly gas – RED BELL PEPPER (and maybe onion?). Everytime I start to pin down on a food culprit that makes my gut feel bad, I feel like I’ve made some kind of achievement! I realize that I should write them down instead of just keeping them in my head.

I came across a Digestive Health Bullet Journal at by the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research. I thought this can be really useful to me and I like their layout!

Digestive Health Journal from

This Habit Tracker found on the same website can also be helpful in tracking your habits and symptoms throughout the day. I’m interested to get this journal and give it a try!

Habit Tracker from

However, since some of the elements in their journal is not something that I want to focus now, I decided to modify it and make a journal that works for me! I’m sure the format of my journal will evolve overtime, so there’s no need to perfect it now 🙂

Here’s a template of my gut health journal that you can download and modify to suit your needs.

With the COVID19 outbreak, I’m working from home now and I think it can be helpful for me to set some journaling habits. However I’m a little worried that once we get back to our normal routine, it can be hard to maintain these habits. But let’s only worry about one thing at a time!

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