Matcha Olive Oil Muffins (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

The slight earthiness and floral notes of matcha blends incredibly well with the grassiness of extra virgin olive oil, which also gives the cake a subtle savoury flavour, making it only not too sweet. The addition of almond flour not only imparts a yummy nutty flavour to the cake but also makes the crumb super tender and moist. It also helps form a crunchy and crackly crust on top which is so satisfying to break apart and contrasts with the soft crumbs nicely!

Should You Cook With Olive Oil?

It’s widely known that Extra Virgin Olive Oil has many health benefits: modulate gut microbiome, improve insulin sensitivity, and lower risks for cardiovascular disease, prevent neurodegenerative diseases, etc (check out this post for a summary). However, there’s been a heated debate on whether olive oil is suitable for use as a cooking oil. Opponents say…